Quite the Pickle

June 16, 2014

Let’s see. Some cauliflower and some cabbage, onions and yellow peppers. A little spice and a quick pickle and you’ve got Chow Chow. A relish of southern origin, I somehow remember it from my childhood in the Midwest, but with no Southern roots in sight. I tried to capture what my taste memory was holding on to but every recipe I saw looked like a miss even from the list of ingredients. Settling on this recipe, which started as my crock pickle brine with the addition of some sugar and turmeric, I think I hit a homer. And, it’s good for you… with the cruciferous vegetables providing vitamins, fiber and disease fighting phytochemicals, the natural fermentation promoting increased cardiovascular, digestive and immune health and the turmeric with its anti-inflamatory properties. Enjoy it on a sandwich, alongside some grilled meat or all by itself instead of a salad or coleslaw.





gs ChowChow