Tie One On

November 24, 2019

Thanksgiving dinner.The recipes, the lists, the shopping. You’ve got everything covered but you. Enter Fog Linen’s Garcon Apron in black or natural Lithuanian linen…protecting you from prep to presentation to clean- up in simplequietmodern style. On your mark, get set…


photos: https://needsupply.com/linen-garcon-apron/1025980.html?lang=en_US

Cleaning Up

December 4, 2016

I’m a sucker for a linen dish towel. What can I say? I love natural linen. And, with all the holiday baking, cooking, prep, entertaining and clean-up it seems I can never have enough. A good linen apron doesn’t hurt either. You might have someone on your Christmas list that might feel the same.





Top to bottom:

My favorite Lithuanian linen towel from Fog Linen http://needsupply.com/linen-lined-kitchen-cloth.html

Black linen Garcon apron by Fog Linen http://needsupply.com/life/brands/fog-linen/linen-garcon-apron.html 

Black brushstrokes screened on natural cotton and linen by Cotton and Flax is made in the USA http://needsupply.com/linen-tea-towel-brushstroke.html 

White dot pattern screened on natural flax by Hawkins New York   http://needsupply.com/linen-printed-tea-towel-dot.html

All photos via Need Supply Co.