Back to school…

September 3, 2013

back to work or just getting back to it. It’s September. Get up early…when everything is just  quieter and the earliest morning sun seems to shed a new type of light on everything…and sneak off to your favorite corner to size up the coming season. A sort of meditation on your upcoming projects and projects still waiting to spring off the starting blocks. Whether they be an interior focus, some gardening attention, the tackling of a new skill set or honing an existing one, each can benefit from a few uninterrupted moments of relaxation and free thought. Before the activities and responsibilities of the day take over, pick your spot , take a deep cleansing breath and see what new inspiration surfaces. And don’t forget, we still have 3 weeks of Summer to enjoy before the chill of Fall is actually upon us.

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Break Time

August 4, 2013

How great would it be to sneak off for a break to a little house like this…50 sf , in the woods, screened with a transparent roof AND a suspended mattress??  Grab a stack of inspirational reading , a fresh cup of coffee, or your favorite pillow and head out to meditate…recharge…regroup. Be sure you leave your phone behind and maybe forget to tell anyone where you’re off to.