I would like a little pate’, a little champagne and a big ‘ol piece of this cake!  It’s just too great! Like a big 60’s milner’s confection for someone like Liz Taylor. Simple combination of  fluffy white frosting on dark chocolate cake, modern presentation…and oh,yeah….quiet. Fork please.


What a steal…

January 4, 2012

It’s amazing what $1.99 will get you when you check out the ” manager’s special” buckets in the floral dept. at Kroger. Run them home and pull out one of the cylinder vases that is a  simplequietmodern must have. Strip off the foliage and gather the heads into a tight domed arrangement and tie the bundle together with some jute twine ( or even black electrical tape in a pinch). Cut the stems so the mound sets gently on the rim of the cylinder and you are done and done. All this style for a whopping two bucks.