one in a million

July 28, 2012

And, he came running to what seemed like a million pet names; Buddy  Buckwheat   Buttski   Budinski   Punkin  Punkin Pie   Punkin Donuts   Monkey   Monkey Butt   MonkeyPants   Monks   Schlooks   Schlookie …always with a shake, a spin, a wiggle, a nudge, a push or a big Eskimo Kiss. He came in a handful of black fluff with a gumdrop nose (wanting to be boss) and went out (I hope) happy, knowing how much he was loved ( and that he was boss). He touched everyone who met him with his unique style, personality and charisma and he never forgot those he met. Just the mention of someone’s name had his tail wagging and him waiting at the door…” ROAD TRIP!!!?  Starbucks!!!?  Grandma’s!!!? ”  I waited so long for him and got so caught up in the fun we were having…I never entertained the thought of saying goodbye…never fully understanding that I was being touched so profoundly. I can’t stop crying. I can’t speak. Still, I will be forever grateful. Bud and I had a deal. I took care of him…he took care of me…it  was a simple deal and it worked.  Goodbye.  My Buddy…my good boy…my heart.

7 Responses to “one in a million”

  1. Leslie Says:

    My heart breaks for you…

  2. Bobbe Says:

    i am so sorry…

  3. Oh, Greg! My heart aches for you! Sending you lots and lots of warm hugs. Be well, Buddy is watching!

  4. Gail Jenereaux Says:

    now you have me crying again! I love his baby picture, Buddy was so cute. I am here for you.

  5. kirsten Says:

    So sorry to hear, Greg!
    They totally canoodle their way into your heart and life.
    Love to you.

  6. I am only sorry I never met Buddy. He was SO gorgeous…and I know so incredibly cherished. see you soon my flower decor friend. susan+

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