Totally floored

February 20, 2013

When looking for a suitable flooring material during a home renovation many years ago I was hard pressed for an appropriate material that fit all of the criteria I had set. Yes, it’s always much easier to specify when working for someone else. It was hard to find an individual at the time who was able to refinish the concrete floors, laminates were not a direction I cared to go and standard hardwoods seemed like a yawn. I also wanted something that was as cost effective as possible…even to the point of becoming one of the installers to keep costs low and make sure things were handled correctly. Then a friend reminded me of a material that I had put to successful use years earlier in my home in L.A….plywood. I guess there was no reason to reinvent the wheel or mess with prior success…so, plywood it was…simplequietmodern.plyflor2 A stronger more graphic result was achieved more recently with a mosaic of  “humble” materials…ply, particle board and MDF… in this Warsaw cafe and bike repair shop. Now that’s a statement.Copy of plywoodmosaic-tile-floor-2_improvisedLYplywood mosaic-tile-floor-1_improvisedLF

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