Let’s Review

January 3, 2018

Another year has passed, and with it, another year of  simplequietmodern. As I prepare for year seven, I’m  excited to see what held your interest over the last twelve months. The MidCentury seating of Van Keppel Green, modern black fences, the “folded” plywood works of Harry Roseman, factory inspired windows and a cozy white Christmas topped the list. Thank you for your continued interest, for stopping and sharing your kind words, for your friendship…for indulging me.



We can’t celebrate without cake, can we? I’m thinking a Burnt Almond Torte from Prantl’s Bakery in Pittsburgh might be in order. And of course, some flowers.


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torte photo: https://www.goldbely.com/prantls-bakery/15395-burnt-almond-torte






Not too big…

May 25, 2017

not too small. But, just right. Garden shed, studio or just a little place to hide out, the Muji Hut is any and all of those. At just under 100 square feet it features a covered porch, sliding glass door, an additional small window for cross ventilation and a wood burning stove. The surface materials of plywood and concrete with the exterior of charred cedar are the perfect complement to the simple shape with its sloped shed roof. While Muji is not currently offering the Hut outside Japan, you might start scoping out the yard for the perfect location should that change or they decide to offer plans only. A little something to inspire if you’re not taking off for the holiday weekend.


photos: https://www.muji.com/jp/mujihut/en.html




A Good Place to Start

May 22, 2017

It doesn’t take much to create a little something special. Keeping things simplequietmodern is key, as is careful editing of design and material. Let’s start with materials, shall we? My absolute favorites…raw plywood, concrete…and the addition of charred cedar. Stay tuned.

photos: Muji.com




Less is …

January 25, 2016

more difficult than it looks. The classic quote ” Less is more” is often attributed to modernist architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe who knew a little something about materials, the qualities of distillation of design and the elimination of all unnecessary and confusing detail. The residence here, by i29 Interior Architects, illustrates these principles beautifully while incorporating and elevating one of my favorite materials, plywood.






photos via  http://plastolux.com/?s=plywood+in+a+modern+home



Totally floored

February 20, 2013

When looking for a suitable flooring material during a home renovation many years ago I was hard pressed for an appropriate material that fit all of the criteria I had set. Yes, it’s always much easier to specify when working for someone else. It was hard to find an individual at the time who was able to refinish the concrete floors, laminates were not a direction I cared to go and standard hardwoods seemed like a yawn. I also wanted something that was as cost effective as possible…even to the point of becoming one of the installers to keep costs low and make sure things were handled correctly. Then a friend reminded me of a material that I had put to successful use years earlier in my home in L.A….plywood. I guess there was no reason to reinvent the wheel or mess with prior success…so, plywood it was…simplequietmodern.plyflor2 A stronger more graphic result was achieved more recently with a mosaic of  “humble” materials…ply, particle board and MDF… in this Warsaw cafe and bike repair shop. Now that’s a statement.Copy of plywoodmosaic-tile-floor-2_improvisedLYplywood mosaic-tile-floor-1_improvisedLFhttp://www.designboom.com/design/relaks-cafe-cafe-and-bicycle-storerepair-shop/


April 18, 2012

where do I sign?  I L O V E this space. Maybe becuse it is not only simple, quiet and modern…but it is constructed of my all- time favorite materials; plywood and concrete. I could move in immediately…what else is there to say?http://www.narukuma.com/main.html

Until then maybe I could be happy with one of these concrete pendant lights. I already have the plywood floors.