You’d be so nice…

May 4, 2013

to come home to. Really, what’s not to love? A  low modern residence set in the central California coastal wine region. Constructed of humble yet grounding materials of masonry block and cor-ten…deep overhangs to protect from the sun and expanses of glass to take in every breathtaking view…right down to the exterior living space and simple slice of a pool…it’s like a little piece of the perfect dream. All nestled into the rural agricultural  landscape with just a touch of xeriscaping to punctuate while  keeping things ” green” and easy to maintain. Right up my simplequietmodern aesthetic.Paso-Robles-Residence-04-800x450fullPaso-Robles-Residence-15-800x595entncePaso-Robles-Residence-14-800x481_bdrmjpgPaso-Robles-Residence-13-800x601outdoorarea This residence was designed by Aidlin Darling Design. More photos of this and other projects can be found here:

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