In like a Lion…

April 9, 2015

out like a punch in the face. As if another brutal Winter and fourteen weeks in a sling with a fractured wrist and elbow weren’t quite enough fun for one season…Bam!… a two-week bout with some new strain of Spring virus. I might be delirious or just have cabin fever…or, it might be that I just can’t seem to get warm that has me dreaming of the desert. Any desert, the hotter and drier the better. Ahhh…I can almost feel the sunlight baking the chill right out of me.





top to bottom:

A simple branch parched by the sun and sanded smooth by blowing sands. photo: gp

A T shirt and linen pants. What else do you need to loll around on a 100 degree day?

Ocotillo, or Devil’s walking stick. I’ll have to wait for my get-a-way in the desert to put it’s sculptural qualities to good use.

Georgia O’Keefe knew simplequietmodern when she saw it in her Abiquiu home and studio early in the last century. Not hard to get inspired here I’m sure.–studio.html





to come home to. Really, what’s not to love? A  low modern residence set in the central California coastal wine region. Constructed of humble yet grounding materials of masonry block and cor-ten…deep overhangs to protect from the sun and expanses of glass to take in every breathtaking view…right down to the exterior living space and simple slice of a pool…it’s like a little piece of the perfect dream. All nestled into the rural agricultural  landscape with just a touch of xeriscaping to punctuate while  keeping things ” green” and easy to maintain. Right up my simplequietmodern aesthetic.Paso-Robles-Residence-04-800x450fullPaso-Robles-Residence-15-800x595entncePaso-Robles-Residence-14-800x481_bdrmjpgPaso-Robles-Residence-13-800x601outdoorarea This residence was designed by Aidlin Darling Design. More photos of this and other projects can be found here: