Forecast: H O T

July 30, 2015

When the temperatures reach into the 90’s a pool looks awfully inviting. And, there are none more inviting to my simplequietmodern mind than this beauty…the work of  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for his 1929 Barcelona Pavillion. If you’re in need of a little modern pool inspiration, here it is.




Photo via Gardenista


Over? Not yet

August 31, 2014

The afternoon shadows may be longer and more pronounced, but summer my friends is not over yet. While Labor Day may mark the “unofficial” end of summer I’m taking full advantage until Fall steps in on September 24…and, that’s a month away. Whether your’re staying in town or getting away for the long weekend, I recommend you do the same.


farm 2





Copy of BeachGstRm_improvLf


top to bottom

We should all be so lucky to have a summertime courtyard space like the Brody house in LA     photo via:

What more is there to say? Local farmstand produce…get some, support your local farmers. photo: gp

Large body or small, being near the water on a holiday weekend just makes it more special. From a tiny cabin view -photo gp- to a broader shoreline view -photo via, try to get yourself some.

If you haven’t yet made this salad with your local summer corn you are missing something special.

A simplequietmodern nap could be good. Photo via:

While I always prefer white, an armload of locally grown color will brighten things up should the clouds roll in. And, what could compliment those peaches better than these dahlias and celosia? iPhone snap: gp



Some sun,

June 28, 2014

a little water, a great view. What else could you want from a holiday weekend get-a-way? Key…check. Duffle…check. Provisions…check. Jaxon…check. All set to roll. Where are you spending the 4th?







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Now, That’s A Shed

May 1, 2014

OK…I don’t need a shed, but I’d like a shed. More specifically, this shed. It falls right into my simplequietmodern sensibilities. Maximum awe accomplished with three humble materials… wood, galvanized steel and polycarbonate sheet. And, it was pre-fabricated and  assembled on site. Thanks to the minds at Hufft Projects design collective mine is running wild with the possibilities. While I might not use it to store riding machinery or heavy equipment, I could certainly put it to great use as a studio, gallery, gym, or chapel…a place to create, host, retreat, rock, nap, meditate, hide out or… simply hang out.






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And, some weeks it can’t come too soon… especially if you’re lucky enough to be getting away to a smart simplequietmodern cabin like this. Neatly tucked into the hills…a little inside , a little out…and that fireplace? Just the spot to cozy up to should the weather take a turn…which you know it will. Really, all we’ve  had lately is weather, right?  The only thing left to do is to count it down…c’mon Friday.remashtumblr_mnkrntSDXn1qd5e3ao1_500Remash2tumblr_mnkrntSDXn1qd5e3ao2_r1_500Remash3tumblr_mnkrntSDXn1qd5e3ao4_r1_500

to come home to. Really, what’s not to love? A  low modern residence set in the central California coastal wine region. Constructed of humble yet grounding materials of masonry block and cor-ten…deep overhangs to protect from the sun and expanses of glass to take in every breathtaking view…right down to the exterior living space and simple slice of a pool…it’s like a little piece of the perfect dream. All nestled into the rural agricultural  landscape with just a touch of xeriscaping to punctuate while  keeping things ” green” and easy to maintain. Right up my simplequietmodern aesthetic.Paso-Robles-Residence-04-800x450fullPaso-Robles-Residence-15-800x595entncePaso-Robles-Residence-14-800x481_bdrmjpgPaso-Robles-Residence-13-800x601outdoorarea This residence was designed by Aidlin Darling Design. More photos of this and other projects can be found here:


September 11, 2012

The ultimate in simplequietmodern. I loved these two towers. The simplicity, the pairing, the scale. Even as a kid I knew that their presence would shape my design sensibility…and they did. Today in their footprint are the memorial fountains…a different simplequietmodern.  Who could ever have known? I remember that morning as if it was yesterday…sunny, clear, crisp. Now, I will never forget all of those lives lost…in NY, PA and DC. Take a moment today to remember them… and this place.

to come up with a new spin on an icon of American design history…the log cabin. In my earliest recollections I have had on my wish list an”inspired” log cabin retreat…rustic yet with a modern turn. I never let my imagination run to this…simplequietmodern at it’s best. The fact that the “whole” has been broken into 2 living sections and that those are lined in one of my favorite materials, plywood, makes it even more perfect. It’s as if someone has been reading my mind.I can’t think of a better place to knock back some Champagne and take a deep relaxing breath.