Brand Spankin’ New

September 10, 2014

And, they were something. The rest of the story we know too well. Remember this place and all of the people there, in Shanksville and the Pentagon with a moment of silence, a kind word, a random act of beauty. At the very least, raise the flag…never forget.





These 1970 photos by Andrea DiCastro from!/2012/11/new-york-city.html



One Response to “Brand Spankin’ New”

  1. Clare Says:


    I remember it well as my husband was in NY and on the way to the airport to come home when the first plane struck. He called me in California and told me turn on the news. And then we lost touch until late that night. He finally made it home many days later. So many didn’t. As it turned out we had connections to a couple of people who lost their lives that day. Hard to believe so many years have passed…

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