Sweet and Simple

June 22, 2015

Pound cake. Does it get any better? Well, maybe it does…like this version using brown sugar found on Food 52. Add some berries to complement it’s moist texture and caramelized flavor and you’ve got dessert covered. Sorry, Sara Lee.






The recipe found here, http://food52.com/recipes/36103-brown-sugar-pound-cake ,was adapted from one found right on the package of Domino Sugar. While it calls for dark brown sugar, I also made this using light brown sugar and found the result to be even better. You might want to make two , one to snack on during the day and one for later.




2 Responses to “Sweet and Simple”

  1. anatrodan Says:

    This is SO appetizing. It looks amazing, I’m going to check it right now and save it for next time I need to make a dessert.

  2. cauchy09 Says:

    that sounds simply decadent. save a slice for me!

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