In The Dark

November 13, 2016

Evening darkness comes so quickly after “falling back” with Daylight Saving Time. Now is a good time to search out some additional light source so you don’t find yourself shuffling off to bed shortly after walking in at the end of a long day. This mid-century pin-up light, with it’s articulated arm and adjustable shade, might be just right if you can find one. Designed in 1960 by Dutch designer JJM Hoogervorst, the Paperclip Wall Lamp is the perfect solution to shedding some necessary task light on a project or washing your room with a warm glow. Finding one would be nice…a pair even better. It’s going to be dark for a while so you better start looking.




Night Shift

November 7, 2014

Still adjusting  to “falling back” with the Autumn shift to Daylight Savings Time? It’s hard to believe how dark it is once you arrive home after a full day. And yet, there is still a lot of evening left, and plenty to do before hitting the hay. You’re halfway there if you can tackle some reading, work  up some holiday to-do lists or do a little online shopping while propped comfortably in bed. Add the perfect over the shoulder bedside lighting and you are good to go. My pick ?…either of these beautiful mid-century pieces by master of  lighting design, Serge Mouille.




Top photo:

Bottom photo:


Just Right

March 3, 2014

You’ve looked everywhere and have had no luck finding the perfect lamp. A lamp is a lamp right? You’d think so, but not when you’re trying to find something that has the right sensibility for an interior you’ve put your heart and soul into. And something with the quality and luxe you have come to expect from every other piece you have already purchased. Now is not the time to settle. Enter Porta Romana. Large or small, short or tall…they have you covered. Molten forms of Czech glass in shades from brights to watery neutrals, there is something to put the crowning touch wherever it’s needed…a pair flanking an Ed Wormley sofa or a single to illuminate the surface of the Saarinen table you are using as your desk. All reflecting the modern style of the middle of the last century without any of the kitsch. If you decide to say you found them at a great garage sale in Beverly Hills, well, that secret is safe with me.PortaR_GLB60-ASH





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