White’s the new Black

March 11, 2012

With the change of time to Daylight Savings, it’s a great opportunity to shed some new light on things at home. While most people agree that a shot of black in an interior is simply great punctuation, I can’t help myself from shaking it up. Do a 180 and you land at white, the color that your eyes recognize first. White accessories bring a new freshness home while presenting everyday items in an elegant new way. White will highlight both the simplicity of the design as well as the most complex detail. My favorite whites can be matte, satin or high gloss on everything from picture frames to pottery. As you set the clocks ahead use the opportunity to see where something white could breathe new life into your space.  http://www.heathceramics.com/go/heath/  for these simple cups and the Neutra house numbers.

Still. But, California Dreamin is off the sticks. Done and done. Ready to take the chill off those cool desert evenings. This newest blanket is near exactly as I had anticipated while gathering the yarns…a definite woven look like some of the earliest Knoll and Herman Miller textiles. And, the hand is wonderful…softer than I expected considering the mix of recycled fibers, cashmere, cotton, linen, merino and hemp( even a touch of nylon )… the colorations are complex at close range while receding to neutral from a distance. I like it.

Better late than later.

January 20, 2012

California Dreamin, continued.  OK, I finally got some time to cast this on and see where it takes me. It’s going quickly, even with a yarn change at every row. Already 10 % in…unbelieveable.

C 24

January 11, 2012

Nothing says simple…quiet…modern like the c 24 wishbone chair by Hans Wegner.  The appeal has stayed the same since it’s introduction in 1949. Of the seemingly endless number of painted and stained finishes available today, this soaped oak with the natural woven paper seat is my hands down choice.  Perfect used singly as the occasional pull up, I have my eyes set on a group for dining on this enclosed porch…simple table TBD.   wegnerwishbonechair.com has anything and everything you could need to know about the c 24.

Until next year…

January 8, 2012

when we carefully unpack these vintage gems again…wondering about the families they came from, each Christmas they brightened and the “sophisticate” who was so fashion forward as to select PINK as their Christmas color story in 1950 something. Do you suppose there were pink toothpicks in the cheese cubes as well? I know there was at least some pink champagne…and hey, champange of any color works for me.

California Dreamin

January 4, 2012

All the leaves are brown…and the sky is gray. Must be why I was attracted to this skein of Berroco Boboli. Multi colored? Wha?   Add some cashmere, linen, merino and hemp…swatch it up and hope for the best. The result looks surprisingly woven, not unlike some great textured Mid Century textile produced by the likes of Knoll or Herman Miller. Mad as I might sometimes be…no, I will not be knitting enough fabric to cover a chair.  I’m guessing a blanket once it’s on the sticks. Stay tuned.