Night Shift

November 7, 2014

Still adjusting  to “falling back” with the Autumn shift to Daylight Savings Time? It’s hard to believe how dark it is once you arrive home after a full day. And yet, there is still a lot of evening left, and plenty to do before hitting the hay. You’re halfway there if you can tackle some reading, work  up some holiday to-do lists or do a little online shopping while propped comfortably in bed. Add the perfect over the shoulder bedside lighting and you are good to go. My pick ?…either of these beautiful mid-century pieces by master of  lighting design, Serge Mouille.




Top photo:

Bottom photo:


Look Ma, One Hand

March 9, 2014

As we reset our watches to daylight savings time today it might be a great opportunity to reset our thinking about time altogether. Let’s start with the Slow Jo watch. The folks at Slow may not have left us much choice but to slow down, take a bit of a breath, enjoy life and observe a little more.  By removing a hand they force us to bring our awareness to an approximation of what time of day we are occupying rather than the exact time…down to seconds… that we are now used to in our fast paced world. I’m all for anything that will help us find the time to pause , look around just a bit…perhaps focus on something new…something inspiring… rather than the time stamp on the last text. The simple, perfectly symmetrical case is available in a variety of metals and face finishes as well as bands in metal, leather, canvas and nylon. I’m hoping the brown vintage leather band on the stainless case with the cream dial will cause me to slow it down and enjoy every extra hour of daylight this coming Spring and Summer.




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As you spring forward…

March 10, 2013

you loose an hour of sleep. To make up for that loss you’d be totally justified investing in new bedding to take you through the Spring and Summer months.  It is no secret that linen is my simplequietmodern fiber of choice so these thick, rumpled natural linen sheets and cases from Fog Linen should do nicely…ensuring plenty of sweet dreams and  restful nights.Foglinen_pcase

If you were lucky enough to call this bedroom yours, you’d be able to take full advantage of that additional hour each day. Perfect.tumblr_miu8dfXZ4x1qd5e3ao1_500_remash

Fall Back

November 2, 2012

Now we’re moving into the graying image that is Fall’s second act. Changing intensities of light, neutralized color,texture and material will be peaking my interests and guiding me creatively through the next two months. Turning the clock back an hour seems like a simple action, yet the very next day everything looks different…quiet somehow. A “palate cleanser” perhaps before we gear up for the holidays that lie ahead.

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White’s the new Black

March 11, 2012

With the change of time to Daylight Savings, it’s a great opportunity to shed some new light on things at home. While most people agree that a shot of black in an interior is simply great punctuation, I can’t help myself from shaking it up. Do a 180 and you land at white, the color that your eyes recognize first. White accessories bring a new freshness home while presenting everyday items in an elegant new way. White will highlight both the simplicity of the design as well as the most complex detail. My favorite whites can be matte, satin or high gloss on everything from picture frames to pottery. As you set the clocks ahead use the opportunity to see where something white could breathe new life into your space.  for these simple cups and the Neutra house numbers.