Cupid Cooks

February 9, 2013

OK, here’s the plan. After a quick trip for a well priced Brut Rose’, start with Gougere, always the perfect accompaniment to a dry sparkling wine. Follow with a dinner of  roast cornish game hen, orzo with peas and mint and finish with an Afogatto of coffee ice cream topped with espresso and some toasted almonds ( or, as shown here,with a shard of  Brulee Almond Brittle) for dessert. The Gougere can be made the weekend prior and frozen until needed. Roast the game hens while you’re making the orzo over a glass or two of wine.  Now, how simple was that? A  mid-week celebration that took no more time than a regular weeknight dinner.brtroseFgougepltTWOF

V Day Dinner…

February 9, 2012

…as easy as 1 2 3.  Never again will you be able to pull off with such little effort such an impressive result.  For starts, something Brut and sparkling…everyone has their favorite and it’s probably already chilled. Next, a simple appetizer: assorted olives marinated  with herbs, garlic and lemon peel. Now dinner. Who doesn’t L O V E  a bowl of pasta? So simple and you probably have all of these ingredients in the pantry as well. This classic dish ( I always use Perciatelli) with butter, pepper and cheese is my new go-to , I  top this with a  palmfull of dry toasted breadcrumbs … an amazing textural contrast… really,don’t skip this addition. Finish things off with more sparkling wine, a little lemon sorbet splashed with Limoncello and candied lemon peel with dark chocolate. What else is there to say? Done and done. Happy Valentines Day.