Home Grown

September 25, 2016

It might technically be Fall, but it still feels like Summer. And, Summer’s bounty is keeping things green by the armload and basketful thanks to generous friends and neighbors. Until the leaves start to turn and the temps start to drop I’ll be good to go.





Top to bottom:

A tangle of Limelight hydrangea and hops thinned from a friends garden and casually dropped into a simple glass vessel makes a simplequietmodern statement that will last for weeks.

Another surprise package of homegrown heirlooms included these green zebra tomatoes…a welcome addition to a panzanella or caprese.

Taking advantage of the limited availability of Romanesco it was hard to pass up those locally grown.

I planted artichokes in containers this Summer for the color and texture of the foliage alone. Until the first buds appeared I had completely forgotten about the added bonus.

photos: gp



Paper or…

November 15, 2015

You know I can work a classic Kraft paper shopping bag six ways till Sunday. But, this waxed canvas market bag takes simplequietmodern to a new level. Easy care cotton canvas hand coated with organic beeswax. Perfect for carrying all the quince, apples and persimmons you’ll be cooking up during the holidays and leaving the brown bags you’ve been recycling available for the wrapping of gifts come December.





Top photo:https://food52.com/shop/products/718-waxed-canvas-market-bag

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Hot Wheels

July 23, 2013

After a cruise along the beach you might as well keep going and make a quick run to pick up a few things down the road at the farm stand for dinner. No need to crank up the Range Rover when you can extend the fun of riding around on a custom-built beach cruiser from James Perse. This modern interpretation of the original from the 50’s and 60’s will draw you in, but I’ll bet it’s the coasting brake that’ll hook ya. Two-wheeling it doesn’t get any more simplequietmodern  than this.