can easily become the catalyst for your next interior design project, as this lake side residence illustrates. Pulling the outdoor colors in visually expands this space, blurring the confines of walls and windows. Crucial editing of furniture and accessories keeps the room’s design lean and modern…even when occupied by family and friends, the dog and that growing  pile of mail.

It’s not what goes in-

March 14, 2012

to a design that makes it good…it’s what’s left out.

 ” The camel is a horse made by committee” * is a maxim that can be applied to any creative endeavor you may undertake, from a complete re-design of your environment to getting dressed in the morning. Stop, take a deep breath, reel it in…then remove something. Now you’re on your way to a result that is simple and quiet…and that makes it modern.

*Vogue 1956

White’s the new Black

March 11, 2012

With the change of time to Daylight Savings, it’s a great opportunity to shed some new light on things at home. While most people agree that a shot of black in an interior is simply great punctuation, I can’t help myself from shaking it up. Do a 180 and you land at white, the color that your eyes recognize first. White accessories bring a new freshness home while presenting everyday items in an elegant new way. White will highlight both the simplicity of the design as well as the most complex detail. My favorite whites can be matte, satin or high gloss on everything from picture frames to pottery. As you set the clocks ahead use the opportunity to see where something white could breathe new life into your space.  for these simple cups and the Neutra house numbers.

Lights out

January 6, 2012

Epiphany. January 6th.Time to take down the Christmas decorations. Simple as that. Easy in my case. Two strings of ice-like lights hung in long verticles struck the perfect  note. Simple, quiet, modern…. very effective.

2012…let’s get started

January 4, 2012

Simple …quiet…modern.   That’s what I like. Whether it’s architecture and design, fashion or food, you can never go wrong with a choice that is simple..quiet…modern.

A gift recieved this Christmas illustrates this point perfectly. A box. An egg. Bronze. Matte exterior. Polished interior. Simple. Elegant. Useful. Beautiful. Classic.